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The leaders in Oral Health since 1956

BROXO was founded in 1956 as a small business by Dr. Philippe-G. Woog with the aim of creating the world's first automatic toothbrush. In 1959 its first creation - the Broxodent® - was introduced in the US by Squibb Pharmaceutical at the Centennial Congress of the American Dental Association. To date, with over 160 clinical studies, the BROXO® line of automatic toothbrushes remains the world's most clinically tested oral devices.


Research and development for the BROXO® line of product is now spearheaded by Swiss Healthcare Solutions, Sàrl and remains in Geneva, Switzerland where it has dwelled since its inception.

The BROXO® line of oral healthcare product owes its clinical success to its desire for dental, technical and aesthetic perfection, of which the following accomplishments are examples:

  • Development of the first automatic device to measure the effect of electric and conventional toothbrushes on the teeth and gums.
  • The first automatic device to enable the (in vitro) study of the effectiveness of irrigators.
  • A patented unique method of studying capillary blood flow (in vivo).
  • The only device with a powerful action that is both mechanical and sonic action.

BROXO® has remained focused exclusively on dental and periodontal health.

BROXO®'s philosophy is to:

  • pursue research through innovation, precision and extensively documented clinical tests.
  • guarantee the quality of BROXO® appliances by rigorous quality control at all stages of manufacture.
  • ensure the absolute reliability of its appliances by manufacturing all principal components itself.

BROXO® health appliances satisfy the most exacting requirements of BROXO®'s own doctors and engineers, and are created to meet the requirements of its consumer's oral health.

BROXO® is the world leader in clinical results for oral prophylaxis, including prevention and arrest of gingivitis and Periodontal disease.

Chosen by Users.

The overwhelming amount of mail received by BROXO® and its distributors testifies to the clinical successes, to the satisfaction, and to the gratitude of practitioners and users in Australia, Europe, Japan and the USA.

During clinical studies and tests, participants apportioned to the group testing BROXO® devices - and unaware of the desired study goals - consistently raved about the devices provided to them.