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Philippe-G. Woog, Ph.D.

Noted inventor of dental equipment and home dental products, invented the world's first electric toothbrush, 1954.

An E.R Squibb & Sons distributed product from 1959-1990. Recommended by dentists, over 15 million have been sold worldwide.

Dr. Philippe-G. Woog's work has been the subject of over 160 clinical papers.

The Inventor of the BROXO® Oral Health line of products has been Acknowledged by the Dental Profession

Dr John Manhold M.A., D.M.D., F.A.C.D., F.I.C.D., F.A.P.M.

Formerly Professor and Chairman, Dept. of General and Oral Pathology, University of Medecine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

Phillippe Guy E. Woog is a person of remarkable insight who early observed that man unfortunately must be helped if he is to retain something as vital as his own health. Because of his early training, Philippe's thoughts became concentrated on oral health.

Phillipe began a search then, to provide a means by which man could overcome his natural resistance to engaging in the procedures necessary to maintain his state of good health. The result was the all new concept of Broxodent - an oscillating motor, electric toothbrush which first appeared in 1956 in Switzerland and was introduced to the United States at the centennial celebration of the American Dental Association in 1959.

The dental profession almost immediately realized the importance of this contribution to oral health. It literally changed the brushing habits of large sections of the population throughout the world and provided stimulation to, and cleansing of, oral tissues which literally can be matched, if at all, only with much greater amounts of attendant activity.

Practically the impact has been so great that more than 150 other brands of automatic toothbrushes have been introduced since Philippe Woog's invention and the survivors today of these numerous brands are essentially imitators of the original Broxodent ® design.

Then, Philippe Guy E. Woog has been the initiator of a revolution in the manner in which man cares for this oral health. Moreover, he always has worked diligently with members of the profession to gain the best possible results for patients. He has engaged in, and funded, continuous medical research to improve oral health procedures. He has been most diligent in overseeing precision manufacturing and quality of the products so as never to allow less than practical perfections.

Furthermore, Philippe Woog has continued to provide other innovative, simple, comfortable and highly effective methods for use by the layman to effect his oral health. And perhaps even more importantly to the dental and medical professions and ultimately to the patient, he has pioneered and funded basic physiologic studies such as those to measure factors of the speed and acceleration of blood circulation in gingival capillaries and such behavioral studies as those analytical of behaviorism in traditional oral hygiene. In summary, Philippe Guy E. Woog is an inventor who already has changed the course of dental therapy and a man who is continuing to provide leadership in examing and changing basic physiologic and psychologic thought patterns in the biomedical sciences.

DR. John Manhold	

Dr. John Manhold