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BROXO® OraBrush™


Package contains the BROXO® OraBrush®, 4 Stem brushes, a step down converter and wall holder


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BROXO® OraBrush® and BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®

BROXO® OraBrush®
BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®

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Your opinion means everything to us.

“My wife and I want you to know how much we are enjoying this superb method of oral hygiene. We both are convinced that our mouths have never felt "so clean" as when we are done when we use this system.

We have tried all other instruments and they all have come up wanting: Not enough power, not durable enough, etc. Dr Woog seems to have covered all the based with this one.”

Brooker L. Masters, Freemont, Michigan

“Our dentist had been about to refer my periodontal care to a surgeon. After two weeks of once-or-more daily use my condition showed some improvement. My dentist has postponed referral for another five weeks. I'll let you know the evaluation. ”

From the follow-up letter:

“I wrote to you in March when my dentist first checked the effects of the Dr. Woog PerioSystem, and promised to report again. After seven weeks definite improvement in the condition of my teeth and gums has taken place. ”

William L. Farnsworth, South Norwalk, Connecticut

“The Woog PerioSystem is simply a fantastic machine. I have been fighting gum disease for approximately ten years and sincerely wish I knew about the Woog PerioSystem earlier. Dentists should be made aware of the Woog PerioSystem. Their clients would be indebted for the life of their teeth.

This system is the finest purchase I have made in a long, long time. ”

Irv Borman, Jamaica, New York

I have two broxodent 110V toothbrushes that I bought in 1973. Both of them are in perfect working condition except that my hoard of brushes is exhausted and I am unable to find replacements. Can I buy replacements from Broxo?

In the meanwhile, I bought a pair of Sonicare brushes; utter junk!! 1.) The drive magnets rusted and come off one unit. 2.) The unit itself stopped functioning at about 13 months and my wife went back to her hand brushing. She hated the sloppy Sonicare. 3.) My unit appeared to have a similar battery problem(?) intermittently for months. Finally, careful observation revealed that the battery was fine and the problem was caused by water getting into the improperly sealed internals and shorting them out UNTIL it sat on the charger for days and dried out!

At 22 months, (24 mo. guarantee), I sent Sonicare a copy of my sales receipt and followed up with a call. I was told that they received no receipt and asked for serial numbers. When I gave them, I was rudely stonewalled with a pronouncement that the units were four years old!!! With Costco's inventory flow, I doubt that ANYTHING is in their hands for more than a few months.

I suspect Sonicare was having a LOT of problems similar to the above.

Please advise; can I still get brushes or do I have to buy a new unit? Every dentists office that I go to has a Sonicare display and literature. At $125 @, Broxo makes enough to move the world's best toothbrush from obscurity into the public eye where it belongs!        

Roy Sharp