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BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®


BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets® with two color-coded nozzles, tongue cleaner, and nebulizer.


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BROXO® OraBrush™ and BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®

BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®
BROXO® OraBrush®

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High-performance dental irrigator


We have tried all the other instruments and they all have come up wanting: Not enough power, not durable enough
- Dr Brooker L. Masters


BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets® is a high-performance dental irrigator, providing 2500 (50Hz) and 3000 (60Hz) pulsations per minute. The device, with adjustable irrigation force, produces seven simultaneous fractionated microjets, pulsating at high frequency. This mix of water and air is specially designed to produce significant clinical benefits. (clinically proven)

Gingival massage

  • Massages gums.
  • Accelerates, prolongs and increases capillary blood flow.
  • + Intra-sulcular penetration.

Eliminates interdental particles

  • Eliminates loosened plaque build-up, even in interdental spaces.

Dislodges food particles

  • Prevents bad breath due to incomplete cleaning.
  • Maintains the hygiene of fixed or removable prosthesises and orthodontic fixtures.

Nebulizing System™

  • Gentle post-surgical nebulization immediately following a surgical procedure.
  • Supply and penetration of medication in situ to promote rapid healing.
  • Effectively replaces gargling.

Tongue Cleaner

  • Unique tongue cleaning system "Scrape & Flush™".

Clinical highlights

  • Dislodges food particles in retention zones inaccessible by brushing 46% better than a monojet (Univ. of Münster).
  • Eliminates plaque loosened by brushing. Arrest of gingivitis (Univ. of Münster: 41% additional elimination of plaque).
    Effective penetration of interproximal spaces. Excellent elimination of loosened plaque (Univ. of Philadelphia: = 2x the monojet).
  • Eliminates or reduces halitosis of dental origin.
  • The only care product without risk of laceration or hemorrhage, even in the maximum power position (Univ. of Geneva, Univ. of New Jersey: comparative studies with monojet irrigators).
  • Supports periodontal treatment by stimulation of gingival blood circulation (Univ. of Münster, Hornheide Clinic).
    Intra-sulcular penetration, without the aid of a syringe and without trauma (Univ. of Nantes, 1997).
    “Scrape & Flush” Tongue hygiene.

Nebulizer benefits include

  • Gentle post-surgical nebulisation immediately following a procedure.
  • Supply and penetration of medication in situ to promote rapid healing.
  • Effectively replaces gargling.

Box contents


  1. Water reservoir with handle and protection lid, both removable.
  2. Hose and instruments handle with hydraulic on/off switch, removable.
  3. Mobile tray, removable.
  4. Tongue cleaner “Scrape & Flush”™.
  5. Two color-coded nozzles.
  6. Nebulizer for caring of the mouth, of the throat and ideal face moisturizing.


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