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BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®


BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets® with two color-coded nozzles, tongue cleaner, and nebulizer.


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BROXO® OraBrush™ and BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®

BROXO JET [kom.pakt] / BROXO® OraJets®
BROXO® OraBrush®

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Feature Broxo Oral-B Interplak Sonicare Advantage
Gum massage effectiveness (gingival index improvement) 41 5 16 14 Stronger gums and healthier mouth. Prevents and treats gingivitis and periodontitis
Plaque removal effectiveness 32 2 18 11 Cleaner and whiter teeth
Sonic action Removes plaque and food debris beyond the reach of the bristles
Hygienic stem brush Solid stem brush with no cavities will not fill with bacteria
Reliable safe power Always ready to work for the entire family. Never needs recharging
Running water washable Easy, straightforward cleaning

The best electric toothbrush - Clinically proven

Clinical studies have clearly demonstrated that the Broxo home dental care products are the most effective total home care devices available. These studies show superior results in gingival gealth, dental Health, periodontal health and safety.

The rare qualities of the Broxodent®/Periobrush, are the result of more than 40 years of experience, clinical studies and scientific development, to bring you the best electric toothbrush on the market.


Gum massage effectiveness (gingival index improvement)

1 minute of BROXO® OraBrush® action corresponds to 30 minutes of gum massaging by hand.


Plaque removal effectiveness

The advanced technology of the ultra speed arcuate action of the bristles removes dental plaque even beyond the tips of the bristles (US clinically proven) 1 minute of BROXO® OraBrush®action corresponds to 7 minutes of manual brushing to remove plaque.


Sonic action

Its special oscillating Mecanic + SONIC-ACTION powers away plaque. Virtually eliminates it from all tooth surfaces and beyond gum lines.


Hygienic stem brush

BROXO OraBrush:
Fully hygienic brushhead

Oral-B: Cavities in the brushhead lead to risk of contamination

For overall health reasons, it was decided that no BROXO brushstem itself would ever be equipped with an inside mechanism for moving bristles. Clinical studies (Pr. dr. Bonnaure-Mallet, at the School of Orthodontics in Rennes) have shown the creation of centers of microbe growth and risk of contamination, in mechanisms placed within brushhead. It was these very dangers of infection (Prof. Glass U.S.A.) that led to the disappearance of natural silk bristles which contained a minuscule medullar canal.


Reliable safe power

The reduction of the 120 voltage to 14 volts is done at the outlet: the cord and the device are completely safe, and maintain the same brushing power regardless of the time and the frequency of use. In addition to safety and efficiency, ecological consideration have dictated design decisions. The ecological drawback of batteries and danger of recharger are obvious and eliminated.


Running water washable

The entire device can be cleaned under lukewarm water complemented with soap.