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Bacterial contamination: Comparison of BROXO® OraBrush®, Philips® Sonicare® DiamondClean and Oral-B® ProfessionalCare Smart Series 5000

Visual representation of the bacterial contamination of the leading electric toothbrushes after 3 weeks of use*


BROXO® OraBrush®

Philips® Sonicare® DiamondClean

Oral-B® ProfessionalCare Smart Series 5000

fusobacterium nucleatum BROXO Orabrushx1 Philips Sonicarex3162 Oral-Bx550
porphyromonas gingivalis BROXO Orabrushx1 Philips Sonicarex15 Oral-Bx50
streptocoques anaérobies oraux entérocoques anaérobies oraux BROXO Orabrushx1 Philips Sonicarex48 Oral-Bx138
micro-organismes anaérobies et facultatifs BROXO Orabrushx1 Philips Sonicarex13 Oral-Bx115

* Donna W. Morris, RDH, MEd; Millicent Goldschmidt, MS, PhD; Harris Keene, DDS; Stanley G. Cron, MSPH. Microbial Contamination of Power Toothbrushes: A Comparison of Solid-Head Versus Hollow-Head Designs. The Journal of Dental Hygiene, Vol. 88, No. 4, August 2014: 237-242.