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Clinical studies

In-vitro studies from Swiss Healthcare Solutions

The BROXO toothbrush compared with its main competitors

In vitro testing of the effectiveness of the BROXO® brush and its competitors separate fact from fiction and highlight the advantages conferred by 50+ years of experience, clinical studies and scientific development.

Superiority of Periobrush/broxodent®/BROXO® OraBrush® again highlighted by sophisticated studies (Trefny, Cobb)

Comparing the recommended values for 3 key parameters - bristle tip velocity, acoustic pressure and shear stress - with those obtained with the BROXO® toothbrush, we find that the latter are far higher than the recommended values. This explains why the BROXO® toothbrush has always come out on top in the many clinical studies conducted since the 1960s.

Microbial / Viral contamination with hollow stembrushes of widely sold electric / sonic toothbrushes

The introduction some decades ago of the synthetic bristles made of Tynex solved the problem of microbial contamination of the stembrush bristles. However several electric toothbrushes now put the bristling in direct contact with a hollow cavity within the stembrush that is impossible to clean.

Trials with the Sonicare 9306 electric toothbrush

Amongst all leading electric toothbrushes on the market, the Sonicare is the least effective.